Delicious Carrot Cakes

Köstlicher Karottengugel
A lovely recipe by Laura from "thebakery2go":

Oster Gugelhupf     Oster Gugelhupf  Oster Gugelhupf

Easter is just around the corner and there's one thing we can't be missing around that time - the famous carrot cake! Loved by so many, there's lots of variations of the oldtime classic carrot cake - some love it fluffy and light, some prefer it juicy packed with nuts and raisins. The latter but without the nuts is what wins over my heart! What side are you on? And let's not forget the most important question of all - icing sugar or chocolate toppings?!

Today I'll show you one of my fave recipes for small and moist little carrot cakes - including icing and of course my favourite sprinkles ;)

You can find the recipe by clicking through here:

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