Sprinkle mixes to fall in love with ❤️
      We love it bright, colourful and with fun motifs. Here you'll find our absolute favourite crumble mixes - there's something for every occasion! 🥳

      Let yourself be enchanted by the wide variety of colourful sugar sprinkles, small and large chocolate balls, sugar pearls, beautiful small motifs and rods - mixed together to create unique sprinkle mixes to give your baked goods the finishing touch 😍  Whether classically elegant, brightly coloured, Nordic maritime, summery fresh or pink to fall in love with, the sprinkle selection is endless!

      Here you'll find the perfect icing for every cake (quite literaly), cupcake and the like, whether it's your best friend's wedding, the next children's birthday party or simply a treat for in between to sweeten up everyday life. Our sugar sprinkles put a smile on everyone's lips in no time at all!🧁

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